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Common trouble solving methods for filling peristaltic pump
Filling peristaltic pump in the normal production process encountered problems can be quickly eliminated, solve problems, to avoid affecting the normal operation, will have important economic significance. According to the problems of filling peristaltic pump in daily use, the faults of several common problems and corresponding solutions are given.
In the case of large filling size, the filling tank is insufficient and the liquid level is unstable. The filling amount can be increased or the square ball valve of the filling head can be closed again. The filling time can be reset (extended filling time) and the filling speed can be slowed down to solve the problem.
2. After adjusting the digital dialing code or unit, the time does not change:
Turn off the power and reconnect the power.
Iii. Stable liquid level and inaccurate filling volume:
There is debris blocking the filling channel, mainly in the feed tank entrance or in the filling mouth, check and clean.
Iv. Leakage after closing:
1. If the nozzle orifice is damaged, take out the nozzle to repair the orifice.
2. If the ball valve in the filling head is damaged, it shall be replaced.
V. Do not feed after touching the feeding switch, and the time relay digital indicator LED does not flash:
If the charging switch is damaged or the time relay base is loose, replace the same type of charging switch or press the time relay base.
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